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COGEN Europe Press Release – IEE project will develop Cogeneration Roadmaps to stimulate the take-up of cogeneration in Europe Updated 18-07-2012

Providing national policy-makers with a practical tool to realise their country’s identified cogeneration potential is the central aim of CODE2. Over the next 30 months this project will develop 27 National Cogeneration Roadmaps that will help to further improve the policy framework, market conditions and awareness around cogeneration in each EU Member State. Find the [...]

Kick-off meeting of CODE2 Updated 17-07-2012

The partners of the CODE2 project met on 10-11 July for the kick-off meeting of the CODE2 project. This project builds on the experience and the findings by the CODE project by developing 27 individual National Cogeneration Roadmaps and one European Cogeneration Roadmap. We suggest that you keep an eye on this website and regular [...]

Proceedings of the CODE Final Dissemination Workshop Updated 11-10-2011

The CODE Final Dissemination Workshop took place on Friday 25 March 2011 in Brussels, the day after the COGEN Europe Annual Conference. Please find the proceedings here.

Two new European reports Updated 15-06-2011

The CODE team finished two reports: one is a proposal for a European Cogeneration Roadmap; the second one reviews the progress of the Directive progress in EU27. Both reports can be downloaded here.

Cogeneration  - Case Studies Handbook
Cogeneration – Case Studies Handbook Updated 13-04-2011

The CODE project produced a Handbook with best practice cases. These examples show the diversity of cogeneration: sizes, applications and fuel types. A selection of innovative case studies from all over Europe has been compiled in the ‘CODE – Cogeneration Case Studies Handbook’. This document also provides insight into what drives a successful cogeneration project. [...]

Proceedings of the CODE Final Dissemination Workshop available Updated 29-03-2011

The CODE Final Dissemination Workshop took place on Friday 25th March in Brussels. Please find here the presentations, the programme and the participants list.

COGEN Europe Press Release – CODE project highlights huge untapped potential in advance of legislative review Updated 28-03-2011

At a time when the EU is discussing the future direction of its energy policy and has started the revision of the Cogeneration Directive, the results of the CODE project highlight the 120 GWe untapped potential which Member States believe can be developed by 2020. Find the press release here.

Europe should aim to cut losses in power generation Updated 21-03-2011

European efforts to increase energy efficiency are too focused on measures to improve end-use efficiency, and largely ignore the potential to reduce huge losses incurred in the electricity supply system, writes COGEN Europe’s Fiona Riddoch. The challenge is to stimulate the much wider use of cogeneration across the continent. Find the entire article here.

COGEN Europe Annual Conference, 24 March 2011, Brussels Updated 24-02-2011

The COGEN Europe Annual Conference took place on March 24, 2011 in Brussels. The theme of the conference was “Cogeneration at the foundation of Europe’s energy policy” and we focused on policy and best practice examples which can support Europe in reaching strategic energy goals. You can find more information on the event here.

Proceedings of CODE South Western Region Workshop, 15 March in Madrid Updated 22-02-2011

The third CODE South Western Region Workshop has taken place on Tuesday 15 March 2011 in Madrid, Spain. Find the proceedings, along with additional information here.