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Cogeneration and the new EU energy strategy Updated 17-02-2011

Policies on energy efficiency should not only change the behaviour of energy’s end users but also maximize the efficiency of electricity generation. Find a link to an article Fiona has produced for COSPP here.

Proceedings of CODE South Eastern Region Workshop, 10-11 March in Thessaloniki Updated 12-02-2011

The fourth CODE South Eastern Region Workshop has taken place on 10-11 March 2011 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Find the programme and additional information here.

Proceedings of CODE Eastern Region Workshop, 25 January in Ljubljana Updated 12-12-2010

The third CODE Eastern Region Workshop has taken place on Tuesday 25 January 2011 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Find the programme and additional information here. 

Results of Northern Regional Workshop available here Updated 10-12-2010

The presentations and report of the Northern Workshop, held on 26 November in London, can now be downloaded here.

Time to create CHP roadmap for Europe Updated 02-12-2010

Today’s financially straitened times only increase the case for investment in high-efficiency, no-risk, technology-proven CHP schemes. But the CHP industry still needs clear policy signals, and governments also require commitment from the CHP industry. Find a link to an article Fiona has produced for COSPP here.

COGEN Europe report ‘Cogeneration as the foundation of Europe’s 2050 low carbon energy policy’ Updated 02-12-2010

COGEN Europe published today its contribution to the EU’s 2050 Energy Roadmap. In the report ‘Cogeneration as the foundation of Europe’s 2050 low carbon energy policy’ COGEN Europe has made the first industry projection focusing attention on the role of cogeneration out to 2050. With a suitable policy framework, cogeneration is projected to take a […]

Making the most of CHP Updated 30-11-2010

Generating 7% of UK’s electricity, combined heat and power (CHP), plays a significant role as a key element of the energy mix. This role is even greater when looking at energy provision for many of our European partner states. CHP for example underpins 53% of electricity production in Denmark, 29% in the Netherlands and 12% […]

Results of CODE debate on European Cogeneration Roadmap available Updated 19-11-2010

As part of the CODE project, COGEN Europe organised a successful debate on the European Cogeneration Roadmap at the European Parliament on Wednesday 10 November 2010. The main conclusions are the following: 1. The European Commission reconfirmed the substantial, unfulfilled potential for cogeneration in reaching the EU’s energy savings target. A revision of the Cogeneration […]

Cogeneration finance and economics – how to improve financing in Europe Updated 15-07-2010

The economic benefits of suitably-sited cogeneration plants are considerable, and so well-known that the current lack of investment in the technology, particularly for large-scale plants, is not easy to understand. COGEN Europe’s Fiona Riddoch takes a look the barriers and opportunities around financing new CHP plants in European countries. Find a link to an article Fiona has produced for COSPP here.

CODE Stakeholders Workshop on the review of the Cogeneration Directive Updated 04-06-2010

Within the CODE project, a workshop was organised on 3 June 2010 on the possible review of the Cogeneration Directive. Cogeneration  experts discussed how the sector regards the current Cogeneration Directive and discussed – in the light of the potential review – experiences, recommendations and how to make the Directive more efficient. Find the presentations here.