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About Cogeneration

What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration (Combined Heat and Power or CHP) is the simultaneous production of electricity and heat, both of which are used. The central and most fundamental principle of cogeneration is that, in order to maximise the many benefits that arise from it, systems should be based according to the heat demand of the application. This can [...]

Cogeneration Legislation

European Legislation 17-12-2010 This database contains the EU legislation relevant to relevant cogeneration....
National Legislation 10-12-2010 This database contains information for the EU27 on national legislation, responsible governmental bodies and other usefu...

Financial Tool

Financial Calculation Tool

The project has developed a tool for the assessment of national support measures and barriers. All existing analysis on support mechanisms and published data on relevant economic and developmental issues effecting cogeneration is gathered and incorporated in the financial calculation tool, which has five different capacity scenarios. The model can be downloaded here. The CODE [...]

Best Practice Examples

Cogeneration  - Case Studies Handbook
Cogeneration – Case Studies Handbook 13-04-2011 The CODE project produced a Handbook with best practice cases. These examples show the diversity of cogeneration: sizes,...
Present your case 14-10-2010 Fill the template and send it to stane.merse(at) Additional instructions....
Case studies in Eastern Europe 22-09-2010 CHP plant in Boarding school Novo mesto, Slovenia CHP plant Siekierki, Warsaw, Poland CHP in Block of flats Troja, Pragu...