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South-Eastern Europe

List of Member States Updated 10-01-2011

The following countries are part of this region: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Romania.

Available Official Reports of Member States Updated 21-12-2010


Regional Overview Report on CHP Potential Updated 17-12-2010

CODE South-Eastern Europe Regional report

Financial Modelling Reports Updated 13-12-2010

Introduction Bulgaria Cyprus Greece Romania Regional overview South-Eastern Europe

Review progress of Directive Updated 25-11-2010

South-Eastern European Region: Report on the issues and progress of directive

Regional Workshops Updated 24-11-2010

Thessaloniki, 10 March 2011
Nicosia, 25 May 2010
Sofia, 13 April 2010
Brussels, 22 December 2009
Athens, 1 October 2009

Contact Person Updated 15-11-2010

Find here the main contact person as well as the list of contacts in the Member States