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Regional WorkshopsPublished on 03-12-2010


Workshop in Ljubljana, 25 January 2011


Workshop report


Introduction of CODE project

Update on EU thinking on the Cogeneration Directive and Cogeneration roadmap

Support and perspectives of cogeneration in Slovenia

EU27 – Cogeneration projects IRR analysis results

Innovative cogeneration  – CODE EU best practice examples Handbook

Efficient planning for successful new cogeneration

Then years experiences with cogeneration in district heating systems in Ravne and Hrastnik

Increase of efficiency of renewable CHP with low temperature ORC system

TPF model and new services for cogeneration, case study.

Cogeneration – new challenge for gas suppliers

Quick pass through administrative procedures

How to get efficient support

Trigeneration plant in Technology park Ljubljana


Workshop in Budapest, 6 May 2010


Workshop report


CODE project introduction and summary results

Eastern region summary results

CHP Directive update

Cogeneration support mechanisms in Eastern region

Presenting of IRR of cogeneration projects for all the MS

Excel for IRR calculation

Promoting innovative cogeneration in cities – Berlin

Regional best practive and key enabling factors in case studies

New FIT scheme in Slovenia

Collection of economic data for IRR calculation:

Excel input data sheet

Collection of cogeneration Best Practice examples:

Best practice template


Webinar, 22 December 2009


Summary of Eastern Europe region findings – Stane Merse

Workshop in Warsaw, 17 september 2009


Workshop report


Project Overview – Fiona Riddoch

Interpretation of New Guidelines to CHP Directive – Mahmoud Abu-Ebid

Summary of regional findings – Analysis of Memer States reports – Stane Merse

Implementation of Cogeneration Directive in Poland – Ministry of Economy, Energy Departement Poland

Global Benefits from Local Decisions, Brendan Beck

Press Release:

Eastern Europe raises the bar for further growth in cogeneration: Warsaw Workshop on national potentials for cogeneration


Update on EU thinking on the Cogeneration Directive and Cogeneration roadmap